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Your building automatically unlocks each morning at 6:30 AM and locks each evening at 6:00 PM. At the customer’s discretion, every employee will be issued an access card for entrance to the building and their individual suite(s) for after hours use.

Access Cards

Access cards are coded to identify each individual’s entry into the building.  Please contact your office manager/administrator immediately to report a lost card and arrange for a replacement.  The cost to replace a lost access card is $12.00. Additional or replacement access cards may be requested through the On-Line Service Request System.

Door Propping

Every perimeter door is remotely monitored during non-business hours.  If a door is propped open for after-hours deliveries or for any other reason, a silent alarm is activated and building management will be notified.  At management's discretion, police maybe notified. If the police respond, there will be a charge in excess of $100.00 for their response to a false alarm.

Please do not prop doors open for any reason. If you require after hours access into the building, please contact the Pitcairn Properties management office at (610) 640-1400 to make the necessary arrangements.

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